white ceramic cup
Photo by eric anada on Pexels.com

Hi! I am a modern mom living in the Pacific Northwest. I have a techie husband and two rowdy boys 9 and 6. I currently divide my time between being a referee, scheduling guru, short order cook and part time modern art/design enthusiast.

When I am asked to describe myself I often think that I am a little bit of everything. A little creative, a little eco, a little money saving, a little bit rock and roll ( just thought I’d throw that in there ha ha), a little nerdy, a little funny, a little irreverent, and a little thoughtful.  I strive to be, a lot kind, a lot strong, and a lot fearless.

When I am not in modern mom mode I enjoy watching true crime documentaries, John Hughes movies, reading/watching biographies, sitting in the sun and a good walk in the woods.